Jessy Ares

  • Дата рождения: 1980-02-08
  • Возраст: 38
  • Раса: Caucasian
  • Рэйтинг: 3.93
  • Просмотры: 7 100
Former fashion model Jessy Ares is a German Aquarius who was voted one of Germany's five sexiest men in 2008 by fashion magazine Jolie. In 2010, Jessy made the switch to movies. Some of his sexiest movies include Awake from Lucas Entertainment and Impact from Raging Stallion Studios.Jessy and Scott Hunter won a 2013 Grabby Award for Best Duo thanks to their scorching scene together in Titan Men's Nightfall.When he's not performing in the adult industry, Jessy works on his pop music career under the name Arestirado. You might have seen the scandalous video for his single, 'Pornstar,' in which he and other gorgeous men prance around naked on the streets of San Francisco.
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